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Anna Catherine Pistor




A Roadmap for Navigating the Debate Over Women in Ministry

Women's Gifts, Women's Roles

Life in the American church has become a bewildering place for Christian women. Many now find themselves caught in the middle of an intense debate over their roles. Does Complementarianism or Egalitarianism determine how women may use their gifts? Often, they are left with no clear answers and few options for using their gifts. What’s a woman to do? And how did it come to this?

about anna

Anna is currently a part-time compliance professional and cares for her young children at home. She studied English literature and history at the University of Michigan. When she is together with her husband (Randy) and two sons, they love getting as dirt-covered as health codes will permit while playing outside.


about the book

Although this exchange of ideas directly impacts their lives, women are generally exposed to only a single viewpoint on Sunday mornings. Carefully researched in order to explain the differing views, Women’s Gifts, Women’s Roles will orient and inform, awakening readers to the key issues with humor and relevant insight. Beyond that, an exciting way forward will be presented for those who are passionate about utilizing their gifts for the glory of God.

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